About Me

Writing and history have been ​lifelong passions.  Since childhood I've yearned to write novels; but I was always painfully aware that there was much ​I didn't know about the craft and the business of writing historical fiction.

Here's how, thus far, the stars have aligned to put me on the path toward authorship and (soon, I hope) publication.​
  • Life experience. There is no substitute for the exposure to the emotional spectrum of a full and fascinating life. I'm a native Texan but have had the pleasure of living in Italy and Ecuador, two beautiful and diverse countries.

  • Higher education. Even seemingly irrelevant courses contributed something toward the person I am today and to my aspiration of writing and publishing literary historical fiction.

  • Career. A background in corporate writing has given me real-world experience in writing to purpose, audience, and schedule.

  • Reading. A polished and prolific writer is first a discerning and prolific reader.

  • Story ideas. They're everywhere! The idea for the series I'm currently developing was no more than an aside by a college professor many years ago, a brief remark that struck me like a bolt of lightning.

  • Learning the craft. The stars really did align for me when, by accident, luck or fate, I met the author who would become my writing coach. Maureen Stack Sappey has been my mentor and guiding light.

  • Moral and financial support. The sources of these would be my husband, Al; our family; and a circle of wonderful, encouraging friends.