Books in Development

My work-in-progress is a trilogy set in the United States and Europe in the second half of the 19th century. Though most of you may not be familiar with it, the story is based on actual events and historical figures.

The essential story was but a sidebar in a college professor's lecture many years ago. The moment I heard the tale, I knew I must make it the topic of my first novel; but I put it on the back burner while I made a dependable income writing in the corporate world. For the first two years of my apprenticeship with Maureen Stack Sappey , we referred to my manuscript as a novel. However, after extensive (and ongoing) research, plotting out the whole story, and writing a first draft, it became abundantly clear that a single book would not suffice; thus, the trilogy. Besides myself, of course, only Maureen and my husband know what this trilogy is about--and they're
not talking. A lot of folks are curious, though. 

So...keep an eye on my CONTEST page. I'll add a new hint every now and then: a picture, a topic of research, maybe even an excerpt. If you think you've guessed the subject of the trilogy, fill out the online form. Guess as many times as you'd like. The first person who correctly identifies the subject will win an autographed copy of each book as it rolls off the presses.

A Siren Called Truth*

The first book introduces the hero, the villain, and other important characters; establishes the hero's stated goal; and builds the tension required to keep you, dear reader, engaged.

My promise is an intriguing story, based on real events in history, with an ending that will raise the stakes for our hero.

Status: Ninth draft is under review by my writing coach.

The Siren's Price*

In the second book, things heat up for the hero, for whom, by now, you'll be cheering. The villain grows more powerful, the tension ratchets up, and the hero will do whatever's necessary to achieve his goal.

My promise? You'll be biting your nails, smiling, crying, and/or cussing out a character as you read.

Status: Halfway through the first revision of the manuscript.

The Worth of Truth*

In Book Three, the hero and the villain finally come toe to toe. Will our hero overcome the odds and achieve what he's fought so hard for? Or will the prize be something else...?

I promise an emotional and satisfying ending to the hero's odyssey.

Status: First draft written and awaiting revision.
*Working titles